Salon Spa Barber - SSB

Design and layout is the starting place for the success of your salon, spa or barber business. And when combined with business building and internet publicity such as the Beauty Meets Entertainment: Salon Marketing & Publicity Product, you have a powerful 21st century synergistic salon spa barber success system.

The salon design venue located at the new Mr. Beauty at Emiliani showroom at 1100 Morris Avenue in Union, New Jersey, brings you the cutting edge in effective design and layout psychology, customer satisfaction equipment interaction and the latest in design and equipment strategies to attract more customers.

To enhance the effectiveness of your design and equipment experience, Mr. Beauty has partnered with Inc, incorporated in 2001. The two companies working together have been called by “Salon Innovator” Magazine “...the combination of design and visibility building that will revolutionize the Salon, Spa and Barber industries.”

Mr. B and VFW Inc. plan to bring to the NJ show room historic breakthrough communication events in the art and science of design, business building and internet publicity to easily and consistently bring in more new clients to your salon, spa and barber business. Let Mr. B design your success!

P.S. these events and conferences will receive press coverage from the over 75 internet magazines of Media Space NYC, Beauty, Communication and Performing Arts publishers - the largest online network of its kind in the world.